Join Kris Goodfellow and her campaign for events around the I.E.

Campaign Events

In the midst of the fighting over politics on cable and Facebook, I started canvassing. And it restored my faith in voters. I met so many amazing people who just wanted their sidewalks fixed or their street to be safer. I realized that the things that so often divide us on social media, melt away when you meet someone face to face in their driveway, or bend elbows over a beer at the neighborhood watering hole.

So, I'd love to meet you and want to share where I'll be so we can make that happen! Here are some of the events that we'll be attending or participating in. If there is one that you think I am missing, drop us a note and we'll see if we can make it work.

  • Chef Roberto Argentina, formerly of The Farm restaurant, is known throughout Redlands for his gourmet Italian food. He's coming back to Redlands to support Kris and her campaign for State Senate. Please join us for an evening of wine, appetizers, and great conversation about the future of California. 

    Donation levels for guests:

    • Host: $4700
    • Co-Host: $1000
    • Sponsor: $500
    • Friend: $250
    • Guest: $100

    Recommended donations of $100 per person is kindly requested when you RSVP. 

    Contributions to Goodfellow for Senate 2020 are not tax deductible. An individual, union, political action committee, association, partnership, business or corporation may contribute a maximum of $4,700 to the committee for the primary election and another $4,700 for the general election. A registered Small Contributor Committee may contribute a maximum of $9,300 for the primary election and another $9,300 for the general election.

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