Create Realistic Paths to Build our Middle Class

Only 50% of people in the Inland Empire are making a living wage, leaving many hard working families food and housing insecure, and putting children at risk without adequate, safe or affordable childcare.

The price is too high. It’s time that corporations started paying employees before their shareholders. 

Building the middle class will benefit all of California and reduce homelessness and hopelessness. Right now, when workers don’t make enough to take care of themselves, it means that a portion of everyone else's taxes go to pay for food, housing and other support services to make the difference. 

Let's end the corporate welfare. 

California’s Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) is a refundable state tax credit that boosts the incomes of low-income families by providing them with an additional state tax credit. In 2018, more than 1.4 million people claimed the credit. I supported expanding this program to cover children of immigrants. CalEITC has clear advantages for children. According to the California Budget & Policy Center,  higher payments result in reduction in low-birth weight babies and higher achievement in school. The result of programs like this are healthier kids who do better and earn more in the long run. We need resources that focus on low-cost preventive measures like CalEITC that help to head off a host of societal problems and lead to positive, productive change for our communities.