Kris has been endorsed by community leaders, respected politicians, clubs, unions, Senate District 23 residents and more.

6 endorsements

California Democratic Party

At the convention for the California Democratic Party in Long Beach Nov. 17, Kris Goodfellow’s campaign received the party’s backing for her bid for State Senate District 23. Goodfellow had earlier earned 87 percent of the vote, securing the California Democratic Party’s (CDP) pre-endorsement. That same weekend, the campaign received the California Young Democrats endorsement. “This is the endorsement that actually helps a candidate win.” – Washington Post


Representative Pete Aguilar

Kris' experience as a journalist and small-business owner have prepared her to deliver results for the Inland Empire. I am endorsing Kris for State Senate because she will fight to expand access to affordable healthcare, improve public education, protect immigrant families and grow the Inland Empire's middle class,” he said in an emailed statement.


Assemblyman James Ramos

"Kris' commitment to reduce homelessness, prioritize our public safety and support small business in the Inland Empire are key reasons why I'm proud to endorse her campaign for State Senate," said Assemblyman James Ramos, District 40. Ramos cited Goodfellow's commitment to expanding access to quality education, support for public safety and her private sector experience as a technology entrepreneur as reasons she’s the right choice for the 23rd District.


California Teachers Association

Of all candidates in the 23rd District race, Kris Goodfellow has the strongest grasp on the challenges we face as educators to provide an excellent public education to students in the Inland Empire,” said Redlands kindergarten teacher Nancy Glenn. “I’m pleased to support Kris and know that she will be the passionate advocate we need to improve California’s public education system.”


SEIU California

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California is composed of 17 local unions in California are made up of over 700,000 nurses, healthcare workers, janitors, social workers, security officers, in-home caregivers, school and university employees, court workers, and city, county and state employees.

Kris is the fierce advocate that Inland Empire residents deserve fighting for them in Sacramento,” said Bob Schoonover, SEIU California and SEIU Local 721 President.
“SEIU California is proud to support Kris because we know that she will place the protections of workers above corporate profits and special interests.”


Senator Connie Leyva

Senator Connie Leyva (SD-20) represents western portions of the Inland Empire. Senator Leyva also chairs the Senate Education Committee, California Legislative Women’s Caucus, and the Senate Democratic Caucus. Sen. Leyva's leadership for working families began as president of her local grocery union — the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1428 and she worked her way up to become the first woman elected as president of the 2.1 million-member California Labor Federation. "Kris has the experience needed to help more Inland Empire families reach the middle class," said Senator Leyva. "She understands the economic challenges workers here are increasingly facing, and she’ll be a champion in the State Senate to bring good-paying clean energy jobs to the Inland Empire."


Betty Yee

As the state’s chief fiscal officer, Ms. Betty Yee chairs the Franchise Tax Board and serves as a member of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) Boards. These two boards have a combined portfolio of more than $570 billion. Ms. Yee also serves on the Ceres Board of Directors, a nonprofit organization working to mobilize many of the world’s largest investors to advance global sustainability and take stronger action on climate change. "As a journalist and small business-owner, Kris has spent her career uncovering the truth and empowering workers. Kris' vision to bring good-paying, clean energy jobs to the Inland Empire, tackle income inequality and reduce the soaring costs of healthcare and education is why I'm pleased to support her campaign for State Senate."



The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees -- the largest trade union of public employees in the United States called to announce their endorsement for Kris Goodfellow for State Senate District 23.


California Nurses Association

Founded in 1903, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee/AFL-CIO is a premiere organization of registered nurses and one of the nation’s fastest growing labor and professional organizations in the U.S. with more than 100,000 members in hospitals, clinics and home health agencies in all 50 states. In the past 15 years, CNA/NNOC has grown by nearly 400 percent. CNA throws its support behind Kris Goodfellow. 


Redlands Professional Firefighters

RPFA cited Goodfellow's long-time support and commitment to advancing public safety and keeping Inland Empire communities safe as the reason for their endorsement."Kris Goodfellow is an unwavering advocate for public safety and understands the growing challenges and dangers that First Responders face. Kris is exactly the type of leader that members of the public safety community can count on to keep our region safe. The Redlands Professional Firefighters are proud to endorse Kris, and know that she will always put the best interests of our community first."


Planned Parenthood

The Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood of San Bernardino and Orange Counties is proud to support Kris Goodfellow,”Patti Compton, Community Action Fund Chair, said.“Our board knows that Kris will be a tireless advocate for reproductive rights and women’s healthcare. Kris is exactly the champion we need fighting for the Inland Empire in Sacramento."


Inland Counties Stonewall Democrats

The Inland Counties Stonewall Democrats put their support behind Kris Goodfellow. 


California Young Democrats

The official youth arm of the California Democratic Party made up of Democrats age 14 – 35 committed to activating the youth vote, empowering Young Democrats in their community, electing Democrats to office and building a new generation of progressive leadership. Kris Goodfellow earned their endorsement at the November 2019 convention. 


Kris is also honored to be endorsed by:

City of Redlands Councilmembers Toni Momberger and Eddie Tejeda

Highland City Councilmember Jesse Chavez

Banning City Councilmember Colleen Wallace

Beaumont City Councilmember Nancy Carroll

Beaumont City Councilmember Julio Martinez

Yucaipa School Board Member Sharon Bannister

City of Redlands Parks and Recreation Commissioner Ryan Johnson

City of Redlands Planning Commissioners Mario Saucedo and Joe Richardson

City of Redlands Street Tree Committee Member Lorraine Enriquez

City of Redlands Human Relations Commissioner Ana McNaughton

Police Chief of the City of Redlands (Ret.) Jim Bueermann

San Bernardino County Community College Board of Trustee Don Singer

Senate District 23 Community Members:

  • Frank Garcia
  • Dianne Landeros
  • Nancy Doss
  • Cheri Dawes
  • Priya Vedula
  • Michelle Baty
  • Nikolay Figurin
  • Linda Baker
  • Peter Baker
  • Kimberli Munkres
  • Angela Wilkinson
  • Sergio Vazquez
  • Heidi Vazquez
  • Helen Tran
  • Virginia Marquez
  • Brian Conley
  • David Heiss
  • Tariq Azim
  • Alex Beltran
  • Gilda Gularte
  • Jesse Valenzuela
  • Neal Waner
  • Stephanie Liggens



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