New Year Wishes from the Team

Happy new year!

At this time of year, we wish our friends and loved ones two things: peace and joy.

We want these things for you and yours. And more than wishing them for you, we are working hard to bring them to you.

Because --

  • when we have reliably clean water, air and soil
  • when our children have opportunities because they are getting a quality education
  • when we have good paying jobs

-- that’s when we have peace. And when we don’t, we can’t.

Please join us on our journey, in kindness and partnership, by embracing and empowering our communities, in support of everyone’s access to peace and joy.

We need your help. The primary election is March 3, just around the corner. Now is the time to give. Your donation will make a big difference for the future of District 23.

2020 is going to be the beginning of something Good!

Sincerely wishing you a happy new year,

The Kris Goodfellow campaign team

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