Women's Groups Endorse Goodfellow

I am proud to announce endorsements from women’s advocacy groups: Fund Her, NARAL, Riverside County National Organization for Women (RC NOW) and the Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood of San Bernardino and Orange Counties.

These endorsements are particularly meaningful for me, as I stand on the cusp of being the first woman ever elected to the State Senate in District 23.

When it comes to women in office, the United States ranks 104th of 190. In State Senate seats nationwide, only 510 of 1,972 — about 29% — are women.

Women are not better legislators, but we bring different strengths and more family-focused values. When there is gender balance on a voting board, there is more complete representation; economies improve, conflicts are more easily diffused and girls are more likely to see themselves running for office one day.

I bring the perspective of a wife, a mother and a small-business owner, which will inform my actions in office.

In its endorsement of me, NARAL called me a tireless advocate, and said I “would be a powerful voice for California women and families in the state senate.”

Please join me in this historic achievement by becoming part of the team — making calls, knocking on doors or spreading the word about the urgency of raising money for this campaign.

Donations today will support the fight for our environment, access to quality education and a thriving Inland economy. We cannot squander the opportunity to prosper in these areas.

Together we can lift up our communities to bring a better future for all of us.

Thank your for your support,


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